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  • November 25 2018

    Registration was for 19 people
    where 19 prosthesis were provided
    to 15 males and 4 females
    of age group 4-68.

  • November 11 2018

    Registration was for 17 people
    where 17 prosthesis were provided
    to 14 males and 3 females
    of age group 7-72.

  • October 2018

    Registration was for 43 people
    where 43 prosthesis were provided
    to 27 males and 16 females
    of age group 4-85.

  • August 2018

    Registration was for 37 people
    where 37 prosthesis were provided
    to 29 males and 8 females
    of age group 3-75.

  • June 2018

    Registration was for 40 people
    where 40 prosthesis were provided
    to 34 males and 6 females
    of age group 5-80.

  • April 2018

    Registration was for 38 people
    where 38 prosthesis were provided
    to 30 males and 8 females
    of age group 9-60.



We had Great Pleasure in attending the Camp on 7th August, in Delhi,organised by Creating Hopes Canada. In Bahgwat Kathashukaagar, one of the Greatest scriptures of Hindus, it has clearly been mentioned by the God,”Helping the poor and the needies is my best and greatest form of worship.” We could find that the support you are giving is practical and great. The implants are being manufactured in the workshop to make them practical,effective and long lasting with after donation service and one on one connectivity with beneficiaries. We could see the smiles and great hopes and satisfaction for future in the eyes of the beneficiaries. It’s a Great philanthropic job, please keep doing for the purpose of Creating Hopes for the people in need.
–Ram &Lata Yaksh
Ram & Lata Yaksh – volunteers

I had a wonderful experience at the Foundation’s amputee camp. The staff there were amazing and so dedicated and of course the work the trustees is doing is also amazing! And what they are doing on-site to manufacture prostheses, as well as providing cataract surgery, hearing aids and glasses was also amazing. And i had a chance to meet the cancer and palliative care team at the back, and though I spent very little time with them, I was in awe of what they are doing to provide this service for the unfortunate.
Thank you for connecting me with the foundation. I have been telling others about it, and will try to post some pictures and links to your website to encourage others to donate to this worthy cause. I took my young nephew to the camp too, and he too was very impressed and was going to tell his family and friends also.
I especially was amazed at their accountability-tough I had not concerns, they really wanted to prove that the money they get is going to actual patient care.
Dr Upender Mehan – Donor and volunteer March 2017 camp

It was an overwhelming experience attending artificial limbs transplant camp organized in Lucknow (U.P.) on 26th-June-2016. It was very well organized camp with large number of beneficiaries turned up for their limbs transplant – new and replacement. I personally met with many beneficiaries and discussed about their limbs transplant. It was a “feel good” situation when beneficiaries and their family members were walking out of the camp happily and filled with joy.
Most importantly I admire all the camp organizers (BVP, CHC, etc.) who doing an excellent work in organizing these camps and helping needed people of the community. It takes lots of effort and energy in arranging these camps and make them successful. I wish the best to all the beneficiaries and organizers and would extend my best support in upcoming camps in my capacity.
Mudita Bhatnagar – Donor and volunteer June 2016 camp

First of all we are very much thankful to all our brothers and sisters from Canada who are giving immense support to these viklang camps. During the camp, all beneficiaries were very much satisfied and happy for all what they got. This has helped boost their morale. BVP Viklang team was also very much helpful and was ready to guide each beneficiary. I sincerely give my warm and kind regards to all of you and viklang kendra. (February 2015 camp)
Raj Kumar Gupta – donor and volunteer December 2015 camp

I had a wonderful opportunity to attend the camp organized by Creating Hopes Canada (CHC) on Feb. 18, 2017. The camp was held at Delhi Bharat Vikas Foundation (DBVF), Delhi that supplied the calipers, shoes, crutches, prosthesis etc as per the requirements of CHC. It was a great experience to witness the selfless dedication of the team from DBVF extending help and support and boost the confidence of people who were gathered there to receive these devices. The recipients were people with limited resources who had been through accidents or other health related issues and needed artificial limbs. The entire team of DBVF was conducting their duties with zeal to ensure that the artificial supports to the recipients’ limbs were fitted properly. To help them further they also extend sessions of physiotherapy free of cost to all the recipients.
Not only this, it was also very heartening to know that CHC is also exploring the possibility of finding suitable employment for recipients according to their abilities and qualifications.
This was a real example to see that humanity was alive in some people and I was really touched by this humble gesture of the camp organizers..
I congratulate CHC and DBVF for their service to the needy and making them feel that they are equal to anyone in the world and can do everything that a normal person can do.
Sushil Bahal Volunteer February 2017 camp

Amazing!! Excellent!!! Need to do more!!!! These are the few words that come to our mind when we reflect back on our visit to July 26 camp during our trip to India from Canada. Help provided by Creating Hopes Canada is like a god‐send help to needy people. It is truly making the difference in the lives of people. One should attend one of the camps to fully realize the impact of work being carried out. We would like to THANK each of YOU on behalf of the camp beneficiaries.
Anshu & Vishal Gupta – Donors

13th Dec’15 will remain a memorable day in my life as on this day I witnessed the camp organized by friends & relatives of Creative Hopes Canada (our near and dear residing abroad), under banner of Delhi Bharat Vikas Foundation. Really it is appreciable that in this camp artificial limbs were supplied free of cost, to 53 needy persons including children, ladies and senior citizens. All the beneficiaries were happy and highly satisfied with the quality of limbs supplied by the organization . In fact this was the turning point of their life as now they are able to do their day to day work easily and efficiently
Thanks a lot to the organizer for doing such a noble deed.
R K Agarwal
R K Agarwal – a Donor

The camp organized by Creating Hopes Canada was well attended and of 50 recipients 41 turned out. They were provided with appliances appropriate to their needs and I felt privileged to be part of the process.
Pavan Rustagi – Donor and volunteer June 2018 camp

I was really happy when I got the chance to assist with the camp organised by Creating Hopes Canada in New Delhi, India on June 28. I had done some
community work as part of my high school activities but this experience was quite different – more fulfilling. Everything was nicely organised and more than 50 beneficiaries were fitted with prostheses. The smile and sense of gratitude on the face of each individual was distinctly visible. Another important thing that I noticed was the professional attitude of the staff who were going out of their way to ensure that each beneficiary is satisfied with the fitting/size etc. I really thank Creating Hopes for this opportunity and for the good work they are doing.
Varun Batta– volunteer July 2015 camp

I Had visited the camp on 26th April. Really good experience. The camp was very well organized. They had distributed artificial limbs, aids and implants to about 40-45 people. Met most of the recipients. It is a very good idea to extend such support to people with challenges/disabilities. Overall the camp was a success. It is a noble cause Creating Hopes is engaged in.
Dharmesh Quanoongo – a donor

It was an enriching experience for me to see the selfless service at the camp. Most beneficiaries were present ( except some 4). I and Anu had interaction with beneficiaries, also if they were satisfied, what were their problems etc.
Sunil & Anu – volunteers August 2018 camp

First of all, I should say thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend the camp.
It was the great and unforgettable experience yesterday to attend the camp. I request you to please provide me the the next camp dates, I will definitely attend.
I sincerely salute the efforts of all the persons engaged in such a good cause. (September 2015 camp)
Pankaj Joshi – volunteer September 2015 camp

April 2018
It was my pleasure to attend yesterday’s camp. Attendance was quite encouraging. All the beneficiaries were quite satisfied with the support provided by the Foundation. It is indeed a great service being imparted to society.
Efforts of Mr Pruthi are commendable with the exceptional amount of attention he provides to every patient in making him or her fully contented before they leave the camp. His overall coordination and administration during the entire duration of the camp are also quite praise worthy.
May 2014
I look forward to attending more occasions like these which also provide me personal satisfaction.
I was quite impressed with the work being done at the facility. Found the people quite committed and competent. Also, spoke to all patients and their feedback was also very positive. We should continue to support this establishment as best possible… All in all, a very positive impact on me personally and I would like to continue to provide whatever best possible support.
Anoop Khandelwal – donor and volunteer

I want to tell you that you are doing great work. I am really very impressed. (December 2014 camp)
Ambrish Chandra – Donor and Volunteer December 2014 camp

Physically challenged people have a ‘divine ability’: Narendra Modi

While addressing the nation on Christmas and New year eve while launching the ‘Start-up India, Stand-up India’ Action Plan, the Indian prime minister urged people to change the view towards physically disabled people.
“We often address the physically challenged people as handicapped, disabled and specially-abled persons. But sometimes when we get introduced to them, we get to know that they are endowed with ‘extra power’ which can’t be seen with bare eyes,” the prime minister said.
“Then this idea came to my mind: why don’t we use the term ‘Divyang’ (divine body) instead of ‘Viklang’ for the physically challenged people?”
He said they are endowed with an ability which is divine. “Normal people like us are not gifted with such powers.”

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